Panel and Sash Installation Details

With the increased size of windows and doors that we are seeing design and are manufacturing these days, it also means that products are growing in weight. When your products are too heavy to be lifted on and off the delivery truck as one unit (according to WHS safety requirements), they may be delivered with their door panels or window sashes separate. It is then the responsibility of the installer to put these panels in the jambs once they have installed the outer frame. This also allows for the product to be easily moved on site by the installer.

Here are comprehensive instructions on how to fit panels and sashes into some of our most popular products. This should equip you with the right knowledge to easily install these loose panels and sashes.

How to install 618 Sliding Door Panels

How to install Sliding Window Sashes

How to install Awning Window Sashes

How to install Timber Double Hung Sashes

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