Bushfire Rated Windows and Doors

BAL 40 tested and certified products for bushfire prone areas

Hanlon Windows now has Australia’s largest range of  BAL-40 bushfire rated windows and doors on the market. Our residential and commercial aluminium windows and doors have been tested to meet the requirements for windows in a BAL-40 zone. These products are engineered, tested and certified to withstand the conditions likely to occur in a BAL-40 zone and are designed to help you protect your home whilst still delivering unprecedented style, efficiency and functionality for your lifestyle.

Many Australian homes are located in areas prone to bushfire attack. Changes to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in 2011 have increased the stringency around the selection of windows and doors (along with other building materials) for new build or renovation projects in bushfire prone areas. These changes are intended to reduce the risk of loss of life or damage to property in bushfire prone areas.

The BCA and AS 3959 cover all aspects of the external built environment, including windows and doors. AS 3959 outlines different construction practices and building materials for five bushfire hazard levels, known as Bushfire Attack Levels (BALs). To determine your home’s BAL rating and any special requirements for building in your area, consult your local council, government or local fire authority.

  • BAL – LOW = Insufficient risk to warrant a construction response
  • BAL – 12.5 = Concern of ember attack
  • BAL – 19 = Increasing levels of ember attack and airborne burning debris. Increasing danger from radiant heat up to 19kwm²
  • BAL – 29 = Greater risk of damage from airborne burning debris Further risk from Radiant heat exposure up to 29kwm²
  • BAL – 40 = Burning debris ignited by windborne embers and radiant heat exposure up to 40kwm² Likelihood of direct flame contact
  • BAL – FZ = Direct flame contact from fire front & radiant heat exposure greater than 40kwm²


To view our full range of BAL-40 windows and doors please view our BAL-40 Rated Products Guide : View Here


The NSW RFS also has important information regarding building in bushfire prone areas, which can be accessed via the following link:

NSW RFS Building in bushfire prone areas link

In order for our aluminium windows and doors listed above to perform to the required bushfire attack level, it is important that the following conditions are met:

  1. Any gaps between the window/door frame and the building which occur in the initial construction or which arise as a result of settlement in the foundations, should be covered with aluminium trim angles or cedar/merbau storm moulds. Gaps must not be sealed with silicone.
  2. Where a specific type of insect screen (e.g. corrosion resistant steel or aluminium mesh) is fitted to a window/door opening or to the fixed glazing, it is important that the insect/safety/security screen is installed so that there are no through gaps.
  3. Regular inspections should be made during the bushfire season to remove any build-up of combustible material from window and door sills and around other parts of the building.
  4. Where windows and doors are re-glazed, it is important that the same glass type and thickness is used. If in doubt, please contact Hanlon Windows for advice on what glass should be installed based on the original order or to comply with current standards.
  5. Where BAL-40 product is installed and where it is necessary to replace glazing channels, edges or seals, it is important that they are replaced with the correct silicone rubber profiles supplied by Hanlon Windows.
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