The use of ELEVATE window and door systems meant we were able to provide products that effectively withstand the high wind and water ratings of 1500/300 pa. The use of this system also allowed us to build products to the large heights specified by the architect.

The use of VIRIDIAN Smart Glass and Comfort Plus glass adds a higher performance rating than standard glass and were used for their superior insulation benefits and sound dampening qualities. 316 grade stainless steel ICON hardware is the ideal choice for this coastal location, and ensures maximum corrosion resistance.

The use of Centor retractable screens in the project allows for added protection against insects and gives the clients a slim, compact solution. The windows and doors used in this application provide strength, energy efficiency and high wind and water performance.

Products that will withstand the harsh coastal climate was important in this build, as well as making the most of the coastal view. With such a beautiful outlook, installing large sliding doors and floor to ceiling fixed panels not only allows for the amazing view to be captured but also allows for natural lighting to enter the home. This gives the home a light, open feel and will in turn decrease energy costs into the future.

To comply with the Basix, Low E glass was used in all frames giving up to 39% improvement in insulation in comparison to ordinary glass and allowing the windows facing east to capture the warmth from the morning sun and retain most of that heat throughout the day, in turn reducing heating costs. Natural ventilation was achieved through the use of louvres, allowing a controlled ventilation solution.

Builder: Lime Building Group

Architect: Papesch Architecture

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