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Glass and Glazing

Glazing makes up such a large portion of our windows and doors, so glass selection is very important to a high performing window or door.

Windows Set The Tone For Your Home

Windows provide views, ventilation, daylight and a sense of spaciousness. They also have a critical role in your home’s comfort and energy consumption.

Advancements in glass technology have dramatically increased the energy benefits and comfort levels possible in your home. Comparing glass made in the 1960s to today’s modern performance glass is like comparing a transistor radio to an iPod.

These changes influence home design, whether building a new home or renovating a classic, performance glass allows you to have larger windows while delivering far greater energy efficiency and comfort.

Home Comfort

We have a relatively narrow temperature range where we feel ‘comfortable’ in our homes. Heating and cooling make a home more comfortable but of course use energy, cost money, create greenhouse gases and sometimes lead to a more ‘artificial’ feel when compared to naturally maintained ambient temperature. It is far better, where possible, to keep a home at the right temperature through good design and choice of materials for the walls, ceilings, flooring, roofing and windows.

Performance glass is the only building material that not only insulates us from temperature extremes, it can also control the passage of light and heat into and out of our homes.

Finding the Right Products

The choice of performance glass depends upon your location, window orientation, energy requirements and considerations around security, privacy and style. There is a performance glass product to suit almost every application and requirement.

Hanlon Windows has it’s glass supplied by Viridian Glass, they are Australia’s leading producer of high performance glass. You can read more about energy efficient glass products on their website Also available is the factors that affect glass choice at See Beyond Windows.

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