Country Charm

This stunning, intricate project was a knock down rebuild of an old farmhouse on a 2.5 acre lot nestled among expansive farmland and mountains with flowing streams and citrus orchards. The home owners had a very clear vision of what they wanted to achieve with this project and had done a detailed sketch of what their vision was prior to taking it to the building designer. After travelling all throughout Europe their experience staying in many different styles of chalets and castles had influenced them with the style they wanted for their new home.

This project called for a very particular style which was important to the overall aesthetic of the build. And the windows and doors were a big part in this design. Some standout features of the windows and doors in this project include the intricate colonial bar detail that can be found on all windows and doors throughout the home. The careful and specific selection of casement windows as they fit with the overall aesthetic of the home and also capture adequate ventilation for the project. The large and smaller curved highlight windows alike are a standout feature in this project and took work to make sure they would look the part. Colour selection of the windows and doors was also an important factor as the overall colour selection of this house was important in all aspects coming together.

Builder: GCC Visuals
Architect/Designer: Craig Johnson Design
Photos: GCC Visuals

Our Approach

The clients are very proud of their new home. While this project had its setbacks and challenges the team really worked well together to bring their design dreams to fruition. The finished product is an incredible mix of classic European design with smart modern touches which brings the design into the 21st century. The clients had to have a lot of trust in the builders and contractors on this job as due to covid they were not able to be physically on site as often as they would have liked. Having a building team that were inventive in ways to include them on their progress throughout challenging times, and prioritised forward thinking and planning to make sure the project didn’t come to a standstill made a big difference in the overall success of this project. All these things make their love of the project that much more satisfying as there were many moving parts that could have gone wrong throughout the process. The building successfully captures the sense of history that they love about the European architectural landscape. They now have an incredible, well built, immaculately styled country oasis to escape to on their own little piece of the stunning South Coast.

Colour Profiles

Pearl White


ANDO Hinged Door Lock Single Point