Architectural Awning/Casement Window | Series 467

These high-performance CentreGLAZE awning and casement windows are designed to accept Truth™ Hardware for large installations.

Architectural Awning/Casement Window | Series 467

High performance windows for secure and convenient operation in any Australian environment.  These high-performance CentreGLAZE awning and casement windows are designed to accept Truth™ Hardware for large installations. Truth hardware is a scissor type hardware that requires 50% less effort to operate than conventional chain winders. The extra strong window sashes can carry large expanses of glass, they have been successfully tested to 450Pa water resistance which is ideal for the Australian climate, many different configurations available including sidelights/highlights and lowlights and can be single or double glazed for better energy efficiency and comfort.


Available in a range of configurations to suit your needs






Make your own selection of colour finishes

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Anotec Natural Pearl

APO Grey

Custom Black




Pearl White



Woodland Grey

Put the finishing touches on with a selection of hardware options

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Maximum Panel Height*
Maximum Panel Width*
Maximum Glass Thickness
≤ 24mm
SHGC Range
0.14 – 0.57
Uw Range
4.2 – 7
Acoustics Testing Certified
AS2047 Testing Certified
WERS Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expected turnaround time for these products?

Our general lead time for products is approximately  5 – 6 weeks but this time can fluctuate depending on how busy our factory is. Please contact us to find out what our current lead time is.  

Can I see this product in your showroom?

Our showrooms display the majority of the products we sell, allowing you to see, feel and experience them before you go ahead with your order. It also allows you to explore different styles and options in the decision making process.

Can you install this product?

We are a supply only company. This means you will need a builder or carpenter to install the products for you. If you need assistance finding an installer please talk to one of our sales reps who will be able to recommend an installer to you. 

Do you make this product in custom sizes?

All our window and door products are custom made to the size that you need. We do not stock any windows and doors. The exception being Velux Skylights. They cannot be custom sized. We will order the size you request from their available options. 

Is this product covered with a warranty?

Our window and door products have a 6 year warranty, this has some exclusions including any moving parts which have a 3 year warranty. Check out the full warranty details here

How do I get a quote to have this product in my project?

Fill out a quote request online and we will be in touch to finalise a quote with you. Or call us to talk to one of our experienced sales representatives today. 

With the ease of Truth Hardware these windows are a top pick